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Merry Christmas from Han Solo.

if any two things were gonna speed up the getting happy process, these help at least a little bit..

goodbye star wars photos, hello family photos. i’m gonna miss seeing you guys every time i walk into my room. 

Day 2: What are 5 big things that happened to you in the past year?

I guess “the past year” will count as stuff from last summer to this summer. And yeah I know Day 2 came a couple days after Day 1. Whoops. 

  1. Last summer I saw U2 in concert and it was seriously the best day ever. It was last summer and I had no worries and I was with my family and it was U2!!!! They opened with ‘Even Better than the Real Thing’ I believe. Ahhh memories. My most vivid memory of that night was when Bono and The Edge high fived each other from across the bridge thing. Sorry for the terrible description of the bridge thing.
  2. In January my aunt and uncle took me to see ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.’ I got to see Darren Criss in live form. This can share the best day ever spot with the U2 concert. I love Darren Criss and the show was totally awesome (hehe). It was just a great day, even when me and my sister stood in a mob of stupid girls to see Darren and then he ended up leaving. Well that wasn’t that great but whatever, he screamed to thank everyone for coming and I heard his real live voice.
  3. Last summer I went to Brasil with my soccer team, which was an incredible experience. I wrote an entire journal about the whole trip and on the random occasion I decide to read it I am reminded just how incredible it was. I met some great people, I played soccer, and I saw some amazing (and also devastating) things. The whole trip was just unreal. 
  4. I got my license on my birthday this year. WOOHOOOO. Now that I think about it, I can barely remember life before driving myself around. Also, because my car has a cassette player, my mom gave me all her old tapes, which introduced me to Steve Miller Band, a new favorite on my mental list of favorite bands. I also got a bunch of cool other ones, including my personal favorite, my mom’s old ‘Achtung Baby’ tape. 
  5. I finally watched ‘Star Wars’ not too long ago. Although this may not seem like a “big thing that happened to me in the past year” to some, believe me it is.  Ha. 

     I was gonna say that’s it, but then I realized that all of these events are good. So I’m gonna add a sixth thing…
  6. This year I lost my school’s student council election after three years of being class president. It really sucked and I was upset about it for a while because my senior year was supposed to be wonderful and marvelous and perfect or whatever. But yeah that was a messed up thing that I had to get over, of course with some cheering up from my friends and fam. :)

    And that’s really truly it! Thank you to my (nonexistent) faithful followers for taking the time to read this. 

i wonder if hope solo gets a lot of han solo jokes…

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happy father’s day.

oh. yeah.